How to Earn Rs. 100000 From Groww App For Free

  • First of all Click On the Link and download the Groww App with the help of the Play Store.
  • After downloading the Groww app, Create your free Demat account by entering your Pan Card, Aadhaar Card, and Bank Account details.
  • After activating your Demat Account, Go to Profile Section.
  • After that click on Refer & Earn and Copy your Referral Link.
  • After that, Share the Referral Link you have Copied on your WhatsApp, Facebook, and other Social Media Platforms.
  • You will get 100Rs on every Successful Registration through your referral link.
  • So if you get 1000 people Successfully Registered with your Referral Link, then 1000*100=Rs.100000 will be done, which you can withdraw directly to your bank account.

Groww is a famous trading and investment platform. Groww is one of the leading brokerage companies in India. Groww application is currently being used by more than 1.5 Crore people.With the help of Groww, you can easily invest in Stocks, Mutual Fund, SIP. Groww was established in the year 2016. It is one of the leading brokerage companies in India.

It offers trading solutions like discount broker, equity, commodity. The headquarter of Groww is located in Bengaluru. If you know a little bit about the share market, then you all must know that lakhs can be earned by investing some money in the share market in a short time and also with the help of Muthul Fund, you will be better off in the long term. You can make good money for your future by investing money by looking at the plan.

Let us tell you all about Groww that it is such a trading platform that provides the best trading service for NSE, BSE and MCX at the lowest price. Groww Company has a record that it is providing the best and easiest platform to all its customers since last few years. Groww is the only company which has opened more than 1 lakh demat account in a month.

Today I would like to tell all of you that you can earn money through Groww in two ways. Firstly, you can earn money through trading in it and secondly, you can earn by referring your friends and family members. Today I will tell you all about these two methods in detail. So let’s know how you can earn money from Groww sitting at home.

1) Earn Money through Trading in Groww App

As I have told you in the above article that Groww is a stock broker. With the help of which you can buy and sell shares of any company. When the share price of any company is low, you can buy it with the help of Groww and when the price of that share increases, you can sell it. In this way you can earn money from Groww by trading.

But let me tell you all that before buying stock in the share market, you all need to have a little knowledge of the share market. Therefore, if you do not have any knowledge of share market, then first of all do trading or investing even after knowing about share market with the help of YouTube or books.

2) How to Earn Money through Referral in Groww

Another way to earn money from Groww is Refer and Earn. This means that you will go to the referral program of Groww and refer your link to all your friends and family members and also on social media and then through that link you will get money from whoever creates their account in Groww . This is a win-win situation, meaning you will help Groww to bring people to their platform and they will pay you some money in return.

Let me tell you all that the amount of their Refer and Earn keeps on changing. Is it ever Rs. 300 then sometimes Rs. 200. But you must have a verified account to earn money from Refer and Earn.

In today’s time, before everyone chooses any application or product, this question definitely comes in their mind that why I should choose this application or product only. Similarly, if you are wondering whether Groww is safe for your trading or investing or not, then let me tell you that Groww is a secure platform.

Today I will tell you about 4 such reasons with all of you, due to which you too will use Groww.

1) Will Get the Best Service

All the online services in Groww are very good. You can always talk to the customer support team, they will help you from every side. There are many such trading platforms whose servers are mostly down, but Groww is not like that, Groww rarely has server down.

2) Lowest Brokerage Charge

All of you must know that there are many such trading companies where if you buy a share and do not sell that share and hold it for more than a day, then you have to pay a charge in that too, but this is not the case in Groww. Yes, if you hold any share for more than a day, then you will not have to pay any equity charge in it.

3) Provides Completely Online Service

You will not have to submit any document offline to open a Demat Account in Groww. All documents will be taken online in Groww. This is the best thing about this trading application. All the document process will be online and your demat account will also be opened online.

4) User Friendly Application

Groww is an easy to use platform. Using Groww is very easy. Everything is given in front in Groww , you can buy and sell stocks very easily and then you can easily transfer that money to your bank account.

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